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Variable Voltage EgO/510 USB Passthrough

The Variable voltage USB passthrough for the EgO or 510 electronic cigarette featuring FOUR different voltage settings.

This variable voltage USB passthrough is compatible with most EgO/EgO-T/ EgO-C atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers.  It is also compatible with most 510 threaded atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers and tank systems.

The Variable voltage passthrough features four user selectable voltage options : 3.0, 3.6, 4.2 and 4.8V.
To switch between voltages simply press the manual switch 5 times in quick succession. 

The Variable voltage passthrough cable is almost four ft. long.  The Stubby design is very compact and ergonomic.

This passthrough also offers the lock out safety feature.  Pressing the switch 5 times after the 4.8V setting will put the passthrough into the locked off position.  Simply press the switch 5 more times to unlock the passthrough.  Once unlocked it will be in the 3.0V setting.

We suggest using the 5V 2amp AC to USB or USB to Car adaptors we sell to power this passthrough only.  The high power consumption of the this passthrough may damage USB ports on most computers. 

Please use caution when using any atomizer or cartomizer over 4.2V as it could damage them at the higher voltage.  We will not warranty an items damaged as a result from using the passthrough.



1.    Plug the USB connector into your computer’s USB port

2.    The button will flash 5 times (blue LED) and you will be at the 3.2v setting

3.    Screw on your favorite atomizing unit

4.    Starts off at 3.2 volts – blue LED

5.    Press button 4 times in rapid succession to switch voltage up one step to 3.6 volt – Pink LED

6.    Press button 4 times in rapid succession to switch voltage up to 4.2 volt – red LED

7.    Press button 4 times in rapid succession to switch voltage to 4.8 volt – green LED

8.    Press button 4 times in rapid succession to switch unit into the OFF position

9.    Press button 4 times in rapid succession to start over again to step 3

10. Every time button is pressed 4 times the light will flash 3 times the color of the voltage you are switching to, i.e./ when at 3.2v if you press 4 times, the light will flash pink 3 times and then you will be at the 3.6v setting, and so on…

11. When at the 4.8v setting (green LED) if you push the button 4 times, the light will flash 3 times each between blue and pink before shutting off.

Please note, we are not responsible for any damages to your computer while utilizing the VV USB Passthrough.